Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm looking at the world through rosé colored glasses...

I'm looking at the world through rosé colored glasses and I'm loving it!

It's about time more people started to think pink when it comes to their wine, and their bubbly... People who know Champagne know that the BEST of the best is a rosé.

Think that a bottle of Dom Perignon Brut will set you back a few days pay? At about $150 for the 2002 Andy Warhol series, that's a hefty chunk of change. But, hey - check out the cost of their rosé - about $400 for their millennial vintage. More than TWICE as much; so, what's the deal with rosé and why is it more expensive? 

Stay tuned for more in Rosé ~ Part 2!

Andy Warhol "Red Label" (I just LOVE these bottles!)
Andy Warhol and Dom... What more could you ask for?

Classic Dom P Rosé  Vintage 2000  $400 (It's on my WINE bucket list!)

Dom / Rosé Trivia:
The Shah of Iran ordered several bottles of Dom Pérignon Rosé for his wedding in 1959. Dom Pérignon did not make rosé champagne at that time, but created one just for him... A bottle of that champagne, from that order, was auctioned off for $33,356 in 2008.

Salud! KathyD

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