Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Electric Reindeer is here ~ The holiday season is officially open!

I love Electric Reindeer! Every year I buy one of each varietal and take them home for a little taste test to see which one I’ll buy a few cases of. One year it was the Cabernet, the next year was the Merlot, the next year the Cab, but each year I stash away some Chardonnay and one of the reds. If you’ve never had the Electric Reindeer you owe it to yourself to buy a couple bottles and check them out yourself.

These wines are made for World Market by Adler Fels – a private label winery in Santa Rosa, California that has won more than 20 awards or medals in the last decade for their private label wines. Each year the winemaker gives us something a little different, but always good, and always a terrific buy.

Dressed up in spiffy new foil labels, this year’s release is a must-have for the holiday season.

Top 10 ways to enjoy Electric Reindeer:

• Tie an ornament around the neck of the bottle and you’ve got yourself a nifty little host gift for your next event!

• Having a party at your place but don't want to break the bank on wine? Electric Reindeer is the perfect party pour - it's tasty, looks festive on your bar, and it's easy on your wallet!
• Line up a few cases by your front door and when your party ends hand each guest a bottle of Electric Reindeer as a party favor.

• If your neighborhood does a “knock and run” gift exchange leave a bottle of Electric Reindeer on doorsteps - you’re sure to be invited over to share it!

• Struggling for a gift for the service people on your list? Your mailman will drop his letters when he opens the mailbox to find a bottle of Electric Reindeer in there!

• Does your nail salon serve box wine while you're being pampered? Take along a bottle of Electric Reindeer to spread some holiday cheer to everyone in the salon, they'll all thank you for it!
• Teachers get tired of coffee mugs… Try some Electric Reindeer and you’re certain to brighten their day!

• Need three inexpensive gifts for your Secret Santa at work? Gift them with the Chardonnay, then Merlot, then the Cab – overall the price is right around $17.

• Great Aunt Martha only drinks White Zinfandel? Splurge by buying her a case of Electric Reindeer White Zin – you’re sure to be on her ‘good list’ next year!

• Buy a few cases for YOURSELF ~ after all… it IS a great little wine for sipping by the fireplace with your honey.

Find it ~ Buy it ~ Try it ~ Love it!
Salud` KathyD

Cabernet and Merlot $5.98 Chardonnay and White Zinfandel $4.98

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