Sunday, August 1, 2010

OMGosh ~ Turning into a GURL... I love this stuff!

It's expected to hit 106 in the Big D today...  Just the thought of a red wine (let alone a Cabernet) on a day like this makes my head hurt.  So, what's a real Texan to do for their 5 o'clock somewhere beverage in all this heat?

Sparkling Moscato! 

Yes, I said it ~ Sparkling Moscato. It is THE Gurly wine of all time and THE perfect little heat-wave beverage since it is much lower in alcohol than other wines (typically around 5-7% ABV) and can be consumed in generous amounts on the patio or in the pool without the heavy red wine, sinus-closing, head pounding efffects.

The Moscato grape is  is very versatile and can be made into many different types and styles of wine, but when made sparkling it is delightful! Most fans love it for the in-your-face aromas of peaches and apricots and its zesty acidity and bubbles.

Not complicated or serious, this is a fun, easy-drinking wine that cn be enjoyed before a meal to whet your appetite, afterward with a dessert course ~ OR it could BE the dessert!

               Sparkling Moscato Float

  • Chill a martini glass or old-school wide rimmed Champagne glass in the freezer
  • Chill a bottle of sparkling moscato to 38 degrees (fridge for 2-4 hours)
  • Add one small scoop of peach/apricot/nectarine sorbet to the martini/Champagne glass
  • SLOWLY pour chilled sparkling moscato over the sorbet scoop (Careful ~ it could bubble over!)
  • Garnish with a fresh raspberry, blueberry, or a sprig of mint
  • Enjoy with a spoon or a short straw!
Two of my favorite sparkling Moscato wines are pictured here, the Barefoot Bubbly Moscato ($8.99) and the Opera Prima Sparkling Moscato ($6.99), both are made via Charmat (made in the tank for the second fermentation, not in the bottle in the traditional Champagne method).

Find them ~ Buy them ~ Try them ~ Love them!
Salud! KathyD

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