Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My wine is tired... HAH ~ I thought it was only me!

What does it mean when someone says a wine is "tired"?

Tired is a descriptor for a wine that has seen better days; perhaps it's "old" or over the hill, its flavors are dull and not exciting or interesting any longer; perhaps it's flat and lifeless - like a bubbly with very few bubbles and very low acidity. I've opened a few Chardonnays that were so lifeless they needed "RIP" on the label!

So, how can you tell if the wine is tired?  Smell it - if it's past it's prime it will have little or no aromatics left. Taste it - it will taste "empty" with no real fruit evident in the wine...  What then??

DUMP IT! Life's too short to drink tired wine!
             Salud` ~ KathyD

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