Monday, June 7, 2010

How'd that dill pickle get in my wine?

Just a quick post - last night was at a restaurant with friends and one of them had the Ravenswood Zinfandel - Vintner's Blend. I was offered a sip (never turn down free wine!) and the wine was delicious, so I ordered a glass, and so did another couple at our table. When we were ready for a refill the server told us they were out of the Ravenswood, but brought us a Rosenblum Vintner's Cuvee Zinfandel to taste and see if we wanted glasses of that. (AGAIN - never turn down free wine!) The first thing I tasted was dill, took another sip, yep - the dill outweighed any fruit in the wine. I offered my dining companion a sip - she looked at me and said, "When you mention an aroma in a wine, I don't always get it, but WOW - this is definitely dill!" 

I have experienced the dill pickle notes in wines only once before - and that was at last year's Dallas ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) event. A whole lot of dill in that room that day! I emailed ZAP a couple of days later and they emailed back a list of flavor descriptors for Zinfandel... Nope, dill was NOT on the list. But, last night's wine experience confirms for me that dill is definitely flavor/aromatic note in some Zinfandels. I'm not certain whether it's the wine, the oak, the toast on the oak, or what -  but somehow it's the perfect storm that culminates in the feeling that you have a dill pickle in your glass!  After looking at the Wine Library TV post ( )  - they experienced the dill phenomenon in Silver Oak Cabernet... So, it must be the oak..

Another reference to dill in wine was from Many wines will display distinct or nebulous ("what is that flavor?") spicy flavors such as dill, basil, or the like.

I would disagree with that... to me dill is more "herbal" than spicy. When I think of spicy in wine, my mind goes to black pepper, white pepper, or to the realm of baking spices, like cinnamon, clove, allspice, mace, nutmeg, etc.

Whatever ~ Let me know if you have ever had a "pickle in a glass" experience!
Oh, the Ravenswood Vintner's Blend Zinfandel - YUMMY, rich, dark, smooth and mouthfilling, with a touch of oak. $11 @ World Market!

Find it ~ Buy it ~ Try it ~ Love it!
Salud` KathyD

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Perry Morris said...

We just returned from a trip to Australia. At a winery on the Mornington Peninsula famous for their cool climate whites we were tasting some Chardonnay. My wife looked at me and said what do you smell? I said pickle juice? Yep! We're not wine aficionados but you couldn't miss that aroma! We were told it's a wine herbal aroma associated with dill.

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