Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heidsieck Monopole Champagne ~ "Blue Top"

Last fall I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a visit from Frederic Goossens, Director of Sales for Heidsieck in the United States.
November is Bubble Blow-Out month at World Market and we had brought in lots of new bubblies for our customers, many of which I haven’t had the opportunity to try. So imagine my delight when Frederic showed up brandishing a bottle of the Monopole. World Market had just started carrying the Heidsieck Monopole “Blue Top” Champagne and it was one of my as yet un-tasted sparkling wines for November.

Done for the day - we sat down, chatted for a few minutes, and then Frederic popped that cork and we tasted. I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by those tiny little bubbles in my glass – I watched them rising in little jet-streams from the bottom of the flute, becoming mousse on the top of the Champagne. Absolutely beautiful bubbles!

At first sip, I simply murmured, ‘YUMMMM’ – The Blue Top was so very butter-creamy and toasty. All I could think of was, “Brioche!” Such a lingering finish, rich and velvety.

I had just discovered a new favorite bubbly!

Frederic shared some information about the Heidseick and Monopole: Founded more than two centuries ago (1785), Heidsieck Monopole in Reims is one of the oldest and most prestigious houses in Chanpagne history and is a "growers Champagne", this family-run winery is involved in every step of production from pruning the vines, to harvesting, fermenting, racking, disgorging, bottling and marketing; those in the industry know that grower Champagnes are of better quality and each release is consistent with the previous year. The Blue Top is a blend of 70% Pinot Noir for structure, 20% Chardonnay for acidity and fruit, and 10% Pinot Meunier for aromatics.

I’m not the ONLY one that loves this Champagne, check out these reviews:

Wine Enthusiast 93 Points   "Impressively fine bubbles cascade up from the bottom of the glass, suggesting richness and elegance. There's a lush creaminess in the mouth, packed with flavors of candied orange, apricot and pineapple. The wine scores a flavor bulls eye in every possible way, from the textured, enticing bouquet to the rich, mouth-filling fruit and on through the lingering, precise and powerful finish."

Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2007!

Wine Spectator 91 Points   "Elegant and expressive, this delivers floral, pear and toffee flavors matched to a creamy texture. Beautifully integrated, this lingers nicely on the mineral finish."

$40 @ World Market

Fun Fact about Blue Top Monopole Champagne:

It was the Champagne served in First Class on the Titanic…

Now that’s trivia!

(Just don't drink it on a boat!)

Salud` Kathy

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