Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet 337’s Little Sister – Born in France, Raised in America

The 181 merlot clone traces its origins to Pomerol in Bordeaux, where it was valued due to its suitability to the red clay soils of the region. The red soils of the Clay Station Vineyard in Lodi are similar to the red soils in Pomerol, making 181 the perfect clone to grow rich, luscious merlot.

A classic Bordeaux-style Merlot, 181 is bursting with plush tannins and notes of black cherry, stone fruit and spice. Flavors of currant and spicy cedar end with a lingering, luxurious finish.

This Merlot is SEXY! Plush and Sumptuous, Yet Well-Behaved... Darn!  Merlot is back, but she never left...  She remains the 3rd most popular varietal in America.

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